Solar Homes in Phoenix: A Bright Spot in an Evolving Market Nov 2023

By Rob Madden

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In the heart of the Sonoran Desert, the Phoenix real estate market in October 2023 exhibited a fascinating scenario, particularly within its solar home segment. Amidst the backdrop of economic fluctuations and evolving consumer preferences, solar homes stood out, reflecting both the city’s commitment to sustainable living and the complex dynamics of its housing market.

October’s data presented a slightly mixed bag for solar homes. The median price for all solar homes was $474,900, a nominal decrease from September’s $469,500. This marginal change, however, belies deeper shifts within various categories of solar homes. Owned solar systems, which have historically commanded a premium, saw a reduction in median price to $550,000 from September’s $565,000. Conversely, homes with financed solar systems experienced an upward trend, rising to $474,000 from $449,950. Similarly, leased solar systems and prepaid solar lease systems witnessed increases to $425,000 and $618,850, respectively. These fluctuations underscore a market in transition, responding to the nuanced demands and financial capacities of buyers.

In a broader context, the median price for all resale homes in Phoenix was $435,000, slightly higher than September’s $432,190. This increase, though modest, is indicative of the overall market’s resilience. Interestingly, solar homes continued to outperform the general market in certain respects. A total of 415 solar homes were sold, accounting for 8.0% of the total resale volume in October. More notably, sellers of solar homes achieved 100% of their asking price, surpassing the 98% attained by sellers of non-solar homes. This indicates a strong demand for solar-equipped properties, likely driven by growing environmental consciousness and the long-term economic benefits of solar energy.

The split between owned and leased solar systems was nearly even, with 50.3% of sales attributed to owned systems and 49.7% to leased. This balance reflects a diverse market where both ownership and leasing are viable options for incorporating solar energy into homes.

Looking at the year-over-year data, the median price of solar homes has increased by 3.24% since October 2022, contrasting with the overall resale market in Phoenix, which saw a marginal decline. Furthermore, the volume of solar home sales rose by 13.7% year over year, demonstrating a robust and growing interest in solar homes, despite the broader market experiencing a 4% year-over-year decrease in sales volume.

The general health of the Phoenix housing market, however, mirrored the challenges facing many American cities in late 2023. Inventory levels remained low, with just under 16,000 homes on the market, a 37% increase from three months prior, equating to a supply of about three months. Foreclosure rates were minimal at around 0.5%, underscoring a market not plagued by widespread financial distress.

Mortgage rates, while retreating from the highs of 8%, continued to exert pressure on the market, especially on potential buyers longing for rates closer to 5%. This high-interest-rate environment has created a somewhat paradoxical situation. Sellers, reluctant to relinquish their low-rate mortgages, are hesitant to list their homes, contributing to the low inventory. At the same time, potential buyers are cautious, leading to subdued demand.

In conclusion, Phoenix’s solar home market in October 2023 reflected a segment resilient to broader economic headwinds, buoyed by increasing environmental awareness and the allure of energy independence. As mortgage rates and market dynamics continue to evolve, the solar home segment in Phoenix stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, navigating the choppy waters of an ever-changing real estate landscape.

You can download a PDF version of the monthly solar sales statistics here:

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