Feb 2024 Phoenix Solar Home Market Trends: Prices, Sales, Insights

By Rob Madden

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As we navigate through the early days of 2024, the Phoenix housing market presents a compelling narrative, particularly within its burgeoning solar home sector. January’s figures unveil a market in subtle flux, marked by shifts in pricing and sales volume that reflect broader economic sentiments as well as specific trends within the solar home niche.

Market Overview

In January 2024, the median price for solar homes in Phoenix saw a slight adjustment to $479,000, marginally down from December 2023’s $478,000. This nominal decrease belies a deeper examination of varying dynamics across the solar market spectrum. Homes with owned solar systems experienced an appreciation to $533,000 from the previous month’s $515,000, underscoring a robust demand for properties with solar assets fully owned by the homeowner. Conversely, the median price for homes with financed solar systems took a downturn to $430,000, reflecting perhaps a recalibration of financing options or buyer preferences in the face of evolving economic conditions.

The leased solar system market saw an increase to $447,000, while homes with prepaid solar lease systems witnessed a notable decrease to $563,900. These fluctuations signal a diverse buyer market, with different segments reacting to unique drivers, from financial considerations to long-term value propositions.

The broader Phoenix resale market concurrently experienced a slight uptick in median prices to $431,742, suggesting a general resilience across the housing sector, despite the micro-adjustments observed within the solar home niche.

Sales Volume and Market Sentiment

January’s solar home sales totaled 369 units, constituting 8.4% of the overall resale volume. This representation not only highlights the significant footprint of solar homes in the Phoenix market but also their enduring appeal, as evidenced by solar home sellers receiving 99% of their asking price—a percentage surpassing that of non-solar homes.

The distribution between owned and leased solar sales (51% and 49%, respectively) illustrates a balanced market, with nearly equal preference for both ownership models. The sales timeline, averaging 65 days for solar homes against 66 days for the broader market, indicates a parity in market movement, emphasizing the competitive nature of solar homes in the resale arena.

Year-over-Year Growth and Economic Context

Reflecting on the past year, the median price of solar homes has risen by 6.88% from January 2023, a growth rate that notably outpaces the overall market’s appreciation. This growth is mirrored in the volume of solar homes sold, which increased by 6.3% year over year, contrasting with a modest 1% uptick in the overall market sales volume.

This positive trajectory for solar homes is set against a backdrop of a cautiously optimistic Phoenix housing market. Inventory levels, though higher than five months prior, continue to signal a market of low supply, with just a 3.5-month reserve. Foreclosure rates remain minimal, and the slow retreat from peak mortgage rates is beginning to offer a glimmer of relief to prospective buyers.

Looking Ahead

The start of 2024 brings with it a guarded optimism, fueled by stabilizing inflation rates and the anticipation of potential federal rate decreases. For the solar home sector, this optimism is perhaps even more pronounced. The environmental appeal, coupled with the economic benefits of solar energy, positions these homes as a desirable choice for Phoenix residents.

As we progress through the year, the solar home market in Phoenix stands at the intersection of sustainability and economic viability. With an increasing number of buyers and sellers navigating the complexities of mortgage rates, inventory levels, and evolving market demands, solar homes remain a beacon of innovation and resilience. The year ahead promises further evolution of this market segment, reflecting broader trends towards energy efficiency and environmental stewardship within the fabric of Phoenix’s real estate landscape.

You can download a PDF of the latest Phoenix area solar home statistics at: https://www.phoenixhomebuying.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Maricopa-Solar-Stats-Feb-2024.pdf

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