Guide to Transferring Sunrun Solar Services for Phoenix Home Sellers

By Rob Madden

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Transferring Your Sunrun Solar Service in Phoenix, AZ

Navigating the transition of Sunrun Solar Services is a crucial element in the sale and purchase of solar homes in Phoenix, AZ. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how both home sellers and buyers can efficiently manage this process.

Sunrun Solar Transfer Process

Initiating contact with Sunrun is the first step once a home seller receives a purchase offer. This can be done by sending an email to, including the necessary contact details of all parties involved. Additionally, the home seller should ensure their listing agent is authorized to facilitate the solar system’s ownership transfer.

The subsequent phase involves both the seller and the buyer signing the “Transfer of Sunrun Solar Service Agreement,” facilitated through an electronic document-signing platform for convenience. The buyer is also required to complete a soft credit application, a non-intrusive check that does not affect their credit rating or mortgage eligibility.

After the home’s sale is closed, proof of title transfer needs to be submitted, which can take the form of various legal documents such as a closing disclosure or a recorded grant deed. Ensuring the solar agreement is disclosed early in the home sale process and made a sale contingency is highly recommended for a smooth transition.

Solar Home Sellers in Phoenix

For home sellers in Phoenix, AZ, it’s imperative to work with professionals, including agents, lenders, and title companies, with rooftop solar expertise. Rob Madden from Green Leaf Realty is a Realtor with a specialization in solar homes, ensuring the Sunrun Solar Service transfer is handled adeptly.

Communicating the benefits of Sunrun Solar Services to potential buyers is also essential. Emphasizing the home’s provision of affordable power at a predictable rate, the quick sale potential of solar homes, and the hybrid nature of the home’s electricity supply can appeal to eco-conscious buyers.

Given that 75% of homeowners prefer third-party solar services like Sunrun, highlighting this popular choice can further attract buyers. Engaging the services of a solar-specialized Realtor like Rob Madden from Green Leaf Realty ensures a proficient handling of the Sunrun Solar Service transfer, enhancing the home’s appeal and contributing to a swift and successful sale in the Phoenix real estate market.

In summary, understanding and efficiently managing the transfer of Sunrun Solar Services is vital for both home sellers and buyers in Phoenix, AZ. By adhering to the outlined procedures, engaging knowledgeable professionals, and effectively communicating the advantages of Sunrun services, home sellers can ensure a smooth transition, appealing to a broad buyer demographic and facilitating a successful home sale.

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