Understanding Solar Panel Warranties for Phoenix Homeowners

By Rob Madden

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The sun-soaked terrains of Phoenix make it a hotspot for homeowners looking to harness solar energy. Along with the many benefits solar energy brings, homeowners often ask about the solar panel warranties that accompany their solar installations. In a landscape where solar technology is rapidly evolving, warranties offer a safety net against unforeseen issues. This article delves into the types of warranties you can expect with solar panels, and how different financing methods, such as leases and loans, might impact these guarantees.

1. Product Warranty (Materials or Equipment Warranty)

Solar panels are built to last, and manufacturers are confident enough to back them up with robust product warranties. For Phoenix homeowners:

  • Duration: Typically, product warranties last between 10 to 25 years, covering any defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Coverage: This warranty ensures that if there’s a manufacturing defect or premature wear and tear under regular usage conditions, the panel manufacturer may replace or repair the faulty equipment.

2. Performance Warranty (Power Output Guarantee)

While product warranties cover the physical components, performance warranties guarantee that the solar panels will produce energy at a specified minimum level.

  • Duration: These often stretch for 25 years, with specific energy output levels guaranteed for various milestones (like 90% for the first 10 years and 80% for the next 15).
  • Factors Influencing Output: In Phoenix, while panels will benefit from ample sunlight, they can also face efficiency drops in extreme heat. However, if a drop is more significant than specified in the warranty, the manufacturer should be liable.

3. Inverter Warranties

The inverter, which converts the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels to alternating current (AC) for home use, comes with its warranty, separate from the panels.

  • Duration: Inverter warranties usually range from 5 to 15 years, depending on the brand and model.
  • Extended Warranties: Given the critical role inverters play and their susceptibility to wear and tear, many manufacturers offer extended warranties at an additional cost.

4. How Solar Leases Impact Warranties:

  • Ownership Implications: Under a solar lease, the leasing company retains ownership of the panels. This means they are also responsible for repairs and maintenance. Any warranty issues typically fall under their purview, relieving homeowners of direct responsibility.
  • Performance Guarantees: Many solar leases come with performance guarantees, ensuring that the panels will generate a specified amount of electricity. If the system underperforms, the leasing company may compensate the homeowner or correct the issue.

5. Implications of Solar Loans on Warranties:

  • Homeowner Ownership: With solar loans, homeowners purchase the system outright. Thus, they directly benefit from the manufacturer’s warranties.
  • Loan Provider’s Role: While loan providers facilitate the purchase, they usually don’t play a role in warranty claims. Homeowners must directly address any warranty concerns with the manufacturer or installer.

6. Installation Warranty

Often overlooked, the installation warranty covers the workmanship of the solar system setup. Phoenix homeowners should ensure:

  • Coverage: This warranty should cover potential issues like roof leaks or other damages related to the installation process.
  • Duration: Typically, installation warranties last for 1 to 10 years, but this varies by installer.


For Phoenix homeowners, understanding solar panel warranties provides peace of mind and an assurance of their investment’s durability. While the sun generously blesses Phoenix, ensuring the longevity of solar installations with comprehensive warranties is crucial. Whether you’re leasing or buying with a loan, a clear grasp of the warranty landscape will keep you prepared for any solar eventuality.

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